We Benefit Children charitable organization. Volunteer talking to a group.

We Benefit Children

We Benefit Children (WBC) is a Los Angeles-based charitable organization that aims to improve the well-being of underserved and at-risk children through its members’ commitment of time and financial resources. WBC directly impacts smaller charities by providing grants, hosting events, and supporting youth programs.

What Sets WBC Apart?

We Benefit Children (WBC) is a force for good across greater Los Angeles! For over 35 years, WBC has been supporting youth in need by providing direct services and supporting projects with our community partners. However, what sets WBC apart is that our members are doers, not just donors.

We Benefit Children (WBC) is an incubator for charities that are doing great things but are too small to garner the attention of most donors or foundations. We aim to help these charities grow so they no longer need our support. Since 1989, we have assisted more than 300 charities, many of which have since outgrown WBC.

Not only do we help fund organizations that are “under the radar” due to their small size (budgets of less than $500,000), but WBC goes a step further—through members giving of their time. From the very start, we have believed that our time is perhaps just as important as funding any grant proposal.

Our members participate in various ways, from sourcing and vetting the organizations and programs we support to accompanying the kids who participate in our field trips, sorting and shelving books at the libraries we refurbish in Title 1 elementary schools, and giving out food at Thanksgiving at selected schools in some of Los Angeles’ most challenged neighborhoods. In doing so, WBC members, along with their families, impact our community far more than the funds we provide.

We Benefit Children is funded by its members, donations from private foundations, corporations, and generous individuals. However, unlike most charitable organizations that use a portion of the donations they receive to pay for overhead expenses, 100 percent of all donations received by WBC go directly to the charities we support. Our members pay WBC’s overhead and administrative costs through their annual membership dues!

How You Can Help

We Benefit Children directly makes a difference every year in the lives of thousands of kids in Los Angeles. The challenges they face are many, and the depth of those challenges seem, at times, insurmountable. But, through its efforts, WBC has afforded these kids some of the same opportunities that we all want to provide to our own kids. Continuing to provide this much-needed support and being able to expand our efforts to help more kids requires resources beyond those of just the members of WBC… which is where your help can make a vital difference. Your financial support will allow WBC to continue to do more to help our community and to be “Big Kids Helping Little Kids.”