we benefit children history. group at a field trip to Griffith Observatory

Our History

In 1989, a bunch of men got together and decided to create a group that was fun, social, and supportive of needy kids and organizations that often fell “under the radar screen” of traditional giving. Calling ourselves the Water Buffalo Club, we spent many years making a small but mighty impact in our community, benefiting the lives of youth in need across greater Los Angeles. Fast-forward 35 years, now going by the name We Benefit Children. With our focus firmly on philanthropy, our organization is stronger than ever, with membership open to all and 100% committed to improving the lives of underserved youth across greater Los Angeles. Since 1989, we have had over 300 members and provided over $5,000,000 of support to over 300 organizations.

We Benefit Children members select various organizations to support with a ‘Silver Bullet’ grant every year. These grants are instrumental in funding crucial capital expenditures such as buses, vans, computers, books, musical instruments, sports equipment, or even food trailers. Interested organizations can apply for these grants through our online WBC grant application form. Applications are thoroughly vetted by our Charity Selection Committee, and if selected, the organizations get an opportunity to present in front of the WBC membership.

In addition to our grants program, WBC supports several initiatives that directly improve children’s lives and their communities. For example, we have refurbished over 40 Title 1 elementary school libraries, donated 30 “Little Libraries” to various law enforcement agency lobbies, provided meals to thousands of families during the holidays, and funded the purchase of over a quarter of a million dollars of new clothing for foster youth.

Finally, WBC is committed to taking kids out of their everyday environment by sponsoring fabulous field trips that expose them to the bigger world. Our field trips provide an opportunity for our members to engage with these children on a more personal level, showing these kids that there are people who genuinely care about their well-being. Whether it’s to the Santa Monica Pier, SOFI Stadium, The Petersen Automotive Museum, the Griffith Park Observatory, or Dodger Stadium, we recognize the importance of connecting with these wonderful youngsters in a way that is meaningful to them and encourages them to be curious about the bigger world.

Our motto is “Big Kids Helping Little Kids,” and” we are committed to doing this 365 days a year!

kids at Winter Wonderland at the Grove