we benefit children steam program


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

STEAM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. Additionally, STEAM education helps to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes found in the fields of math and science.

We Benefit Children partners with many local children’s charities, bringing computer and science programs into classrooms and after school programs. Over the last couple of years, WBC has purchased hundreds of laptops and iPads, 3D printers, and robotics equipment. This equipment allowed 4th graders to learn how to use computers, helped young women from East Los Angeles send out college applications and prepare for the SAT, provided reading and math support through blended learning to children living in the Nickerson Gardens Housing Development and helped 8th grade girls in the San Fernando Valley learn how to code.

Advancing the Educational Interests of Kids

Do It Yourself Girls (DIYG)

DIY Girls provides a continuous pathway of support to technical careers for girls living in Pacoima and the NE San Fernando Valley. WBC supported DIY Girls by purchasing robotics equipment for their STEAM Summer Camp. 90% of participants reported an interest in participating in STEAM classes and activities in middle school, 90% expressed an interest in attending college after high school, and 80% expressed an interest in pursuing STEAM careers.

kids attending a field trip

Urban Compass

WBC partnered with Urban Compass, most recently purchasing 50 iPad Mini tablets to support their Blended Learning and Technology program for 5th grade students attending 112th Street Elementary School. 70.8% of students ended the 2016 school year achieving proficient or advanced reading levels. Since January 2017, UC kids have completed 236 hours of reading on these iPads, continuing the trend of 100% of their students advancing to the next grade level.